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The reputation of the Big Green Egg as a new slant on the old idea of the domed clay cooking pot has already swept the nation. Its versatility has grill masters putting aside their old grills in favor of the Big Green Egg.  It really is the Ultimate Cooking Experience with its capabilities of grilling, slow cooking, baking, smoking, and roasting with amazing results.  "Steak House" grilling at 750 degrees F might be the first thing you will want to try, but you will soon be experimenting with pizza, artisan breads or roasting your favorite cut of meat.  Please ask anyone who owns one how they like it.

Amidst all this excitement, don't forget that the Big Green Egg is the perfect substitute for your conventional range in the event of power failure.

Due to its ceramic construction, we are unable to ship this item.  Please come by the store to see it for yourself.  In the meantime, go to to see all its wonderful features.


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