Made to fit in tight places!


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Compact and made to fit in tight places, the Baker’s Choice loads through the top and has a heat-resistant painted finish, seamless steel top, and an optional 7-gallon reservoir.

Here are some of the included features/advantages of a Baker’s Choice cook stove:

  • The firebox is lined with custom-molded refractory brick
  • Wood fuel is front-loaded, with an 11” top opening as an alternate
  • Grates inside that can hold either wood or coal
  • Heat intensity controlled by air passing over grates into the firebox
  • Some stainless steel components to guard against corrosion
  • Painted in black, heat resistant paint and is not porcelain enamel
  • Oven door swings out, not down
  • Long burn times and ease of cleaning out the ash
  • Made from reinforced, welded steel plates

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