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With its controlled combustion, easy loading and durable simple design, the Pioneer Maid stove is tested to UL standards and comes with a two-year warranty. Additional freight charges will apply.

Over night burn
The Pioneer Maid easily holds a fire all night or longer, no fire to kindle in the morning just turn the stove on!

Fingertip Control
The Pioneer Maid offers a degree of control undreamed of by grandmother. A simple twist of the twin air intake and the fire leaps to life. A twist in the reverse direction and it is almost instantly dampered down.

Large Firebox
The large size of the firebox permits stoking the fire for longer periods, as well as cutting down on splitting of wood.  The firebox is top loading only through the lid on the cooktop.

Quality Lining
The refractory brick liner in the firebox is thicker and stronger, custom molded to our specifications.

Welded Construction
Most cookstoves are built of such lightweight materials that they need to be held together with screws, in contrast the Pioneer Maid is welded steel throughout for a lifetime of trouble free maintenance.

Smooth Top
A single piece top with only 2 large 11 inch lids make cleaning the top easier.

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